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Anyone wants to play HC SnD?

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Anyone wants to play HC SnD?

Post  aero60 on Wed 16 Feb - 19:26:27

I've been playing the HC SnD mode for last several weeks.
First time I tried I didn't like it but now I really like it.
It is really fun (when I'm doing good) and frustrating (I don't want tell )...
So I didn't play any other mode recently.
If you want to play this and I'm on. Please send me a msg.
I'm using the following two setups for this mode.

SPAS-12 or (smg - spectre or p?63)
Full auto handgun
Flash bang
Flak jacket
S. hand
Those setups are chosen based on the map, typically
shotty - grid, two winter maps, nuke town
smg - jungle, firing range, wmd, and others.
Especially I like the's so fun....hope to play with you guys..

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Re: Anyone wants to play HC SnD?

Post  MattDaddy7 on Thu 17 Feb - 10:14:44

I stayed up too late and played some HC SnD last night with aero and it was pretty fun. I had a few good rounds.
I almost had one really good diffuse. There were 2 guys left against me and they had planted the bomb. Thankfully we had a spy plane up, so one of them was lit up. The other had just shot at me, so I knew where he was. I threw my Semtex into the corner where the guy was on the radar, and killed the guy that had just fired at me earlier. I ran to the bomb and started diffusing. If there was maybe half a second more I would have had it. Bummer. But it was fun.


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