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Fantasy Football.

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Fantasy Football.

Post  SwamiGodd on Mon 17 Jan - 13:43:09

Alright, so I finished my first ever fantasy football season in 4th place in both leagues. In the Yahoo! league, thought that I'd totally lost it early in the season, but Tom Brady pretty much carried me through. In the NFL league, I carried the #1 spot through the season and lost in the the semifinals after I got the bye week. But I really enjoyed the game. The NFL League is going to be dissolved, because there weren't enough people being active, but the Yahoo league will go another year, and it will be a keeper league. My keepers were:
Tom Brady
Arian Foster
Andre Johnson
Antonio Gates
Kenny Britt

Should I keep those guys, drop some one or who else should I try to pick up next year? I really got into it, and even though I still have months to wait, I'm already ready to play again!

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