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BO - Zombies

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BO - Zombies

Post  rcrscott29 on Wed 10 Nov - 11:01:18

Has anyone played zombie mode?
I've haven't yet and I never played W@W so I'm not familiar with it at all.
What is it?

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Re: BO - Zombies

Post  luckyenglish on Wed 10 Nov - 12:12:14

I haven't played zombies in this game yet, but have in WaW.

With WaW you start in a building which has boarded windows and doors. Then the zombies trickle in trying to rip the boards off and enter the building. All while you're shooting them. You earn $ from every kill, but you have to spend that money on replacing boards that were torn down. Also I believe you had to buy ammo as well.

They made it really creepy in WaW...!

I'll probably give it a shot once I need a change from multiplayer (plus I still have to even start the campaign).


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Re: BO - Zombies

Post  SwamiGodd on Sat 27 Nov - 8:24:33

I absolutely LOVE Zombie mode. I haven't even beat it yet, but that is what we've been playing when we LAN. It is great with 4 of us, pulling strategy, building funds, clearing entire sections, and learning the layout of the building.

Zombies show up every round, except for those with hellhounds. There is no respawn, unless you buy one from the vendor. You can't buy anything from the vendor though, until you turn the power back on.

It really is a good game of strategy.

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Re: BO - Zombies

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